Consultancy on Animal Behaviour & Welfare

ex.Bulls do not have to be aggresive. Our South Devon bull welcomes a tour group.

The Centre runs clinics, workshops and a consultancy to help people with behavioural problems of their companion animals, horses, farm or wild animals.

We give advise on how, given the existing facilities, improved welfare and quality of life of domestic and captive animals can be achieved. We work for governments, private individuals, zoos, circuses, national parks, nature reserves, farmers and NGO’s all over the world and publish widely (see Personnel and Publications).

The principle advisor is Dr. M.Kiley-Worthington (B.Sc.D.Phil. M.Phil. BHSAI, Fellow Girton College Cambridge) who has spent her professional life researching the behavioural problems & welfare of mammals, and is one of the first and best known Animal Behaviour Consultants worldwide, with over 40 years experience. In the case of a particular behavioural problem, first it must be established either by observation or by a veterinarian that the problem is not due to a physical disease. A personal consultation by visit or via telephone/email is then arranged. A written report will be submitted if requested.

The likely cause of the problem is first assessed, whether this is related to training and handling or the environment in which the animal is kept (e.g. stereotypies, aggression, dangerous behaviour etc.) and then methods of overcoming it are suggested and aid given in how to put these into practise.

For further details email with the details of your project.

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