Consultancy on Ecological Farm & Wildlife

ex. A Pyramid Orchid and Fritillaire

The Centre runs a advisory service for those requiring help setting up or changing their farming system to self-sustaining Ecological Agriculture, a self-sustaining, diversified agriculture that increases net production, is economically viable, where animal welfare, aesthetic considerations and the integration of wildlife with food production are of great importance, and which causes no long term irreversible environmental changes.

The centre works for governments, UN, European Union, NGO’s, national parks, private nature reserves, both large and small farm proprietors, peasants, and horticulture holdings in many parts of the world in many countries (e.g. France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Asabijan, USA, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Morocco, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Leswoto, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Japan, Zambia, Malawi, India), with farms (animal & crops), nature reserves, forestry, horticultural enterprises, alternative energy production, draught animals, landscape design, building from local materials.

The director and chief advisor Dr. M.Kiley-Worthington has 38 years of theoretical and practical experience as an agricultural advisor. C.C. Rendle expertises are:- engineering, wind water & solar energy systems, farriery, appropriate farm implement design and making, animal management & teaching, building from local materials). (see Personnel and Publications)

For further details email with the details of your project.

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