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History of the Stud

Marthe Kiley-Worthington, having come to UK from Kenya, bought Stirrup Cup (Kathiawar) a Whetherby’s registered thoroughbred race horse in 1958. She was a crib biter, reared & had other behavioural problems, but she was fast & won Foxhunter jumping & races. She visited Nimran, a Crabbet Arab, and produced Padna Parameter (Syringa) an anglo-arab. Syringa visited Harwood Asif a Crabbet Arab and breed a versatile well conformed Anglo-Arab: Baksheesh, born in 1963.  He became an internationally known Anglo Arab performance horse,  placed 3rd in the first ever British Arab races, won the Arab marathon twice, won 3, 80km endurance rides in the early days, and took part in one of the first 160km in one day  Summer Solstice race on the South Downs. He jumped, won cross country and worked at medium dressage level as well as breeding naturally by running with our mares.  

Sheba a 15 year old Iris Draught mare, and  a registered section A  Welsh Pony: Aderin (died aged 50) were joined by  two pure bred Crabbet Arabs: Omeya (Genji x Sumara) and Crysthannah Royal (Crystal King x Hannah of Fairfield) bought from that AHS auction sales as untouched 3 and 2 year old fillies. Sheba produced 5 foals, two fillies were retained: Druimghigha Shiraz  (Sheba x Baksheesh 1972, 4th Marathon 1979, advanced endurance horse & cross country, AHS racing, jumping) and Druimghigha  Shereen*** (Sheba x Baksheesh 1979, won marathon 1985, advanced endurance horse (Scottish reserve champion 1987 & member of Scottish endurance team,  cross country & advanced dressage).  They bred: Druimghigha Shiera*** (Shiraz x Cariff 1990) who became part of the British Endurance Team for 4 years, and others who have taken part in national and international events. Druimghigha Shanti (Shiraz x Oberlix) an advanced endurance horse with jumping & dressage,

Today the stud retains 2, 5th generation daughters: Druimghigha Shemal** (Shiraz x Oberlix, 1993, won the marathon 2000, 2 x winner Man versus Horse, Wales, advanced Endurance Winner in UK & France, dances (Aurora in televised Sleeping Beauty, Ginger in Sleeping Beauty 2013)), & now working at Grand Prix dressage level.  Druimghigha Shimoni** (Shemal x Oryx, 2005 now working at medium dressage & advance dressage in UK),, Druimghigha Shatish (Shemal x Oryx 2010), black gelding now working at medium endurance &  advanced medium dressageanywhere Druimghigha Shindi** (Shereen x Oberlix : 2000) has won 90km * endurance competitions in France, & is working at Prix St George dressage level (72% Advanced Medium Dressageanywhere),   She dances & teaches.

Druimghigha Sherpa-She (Druimghigha Shindi** x Druimghigha Oryx, part bred arab born 2013), qualified SHF 4 year old Championships @ Uzes 2016, won 40km 2017, heart rate 39b/m @ 15kph. A lovely chestnut filly for sale to appropriate person, with 3* endurance for 6  generations, and promising to be a winner internationally. Working at elementary dressage. FOR SALE IN FRANCE OR UK.

Aderin had 6 foals with Baksheesh all  went on to be great childrens’ ponies, Druimghigha Aisha*** (13.2hh) became the Scottish long distance champion 1987, member of Scottish endurance team, and won 6th & best condition in the 160km Summer Solstice race in 1994.

Crysthannah Royal* was invited to a covering by Cherif, and produced Druimghigha Cariff*,  a pure Crabbet arab stallion, the perfect gentleman, who became an advance endurance &  dressage horse and star of the theatre. He sired champion endurance & jumping horses (e.g. Druimghigha Omen grade A jumper, 16hh pure breed Crabbet Arab).

Omeya*** grew up to be a beautiful typey arab & international endurance horse, 7th in 160km***, 4th marathon, AHS racing & mother of top jumping, dressage & endurance horses, and a great mare. She was invited to be covered by Aboud and produced Druimghigha Oberlix***(1989-2012)  pure bred  Crabbet Arab, Performance Premium tested horse, placed & won in showing, jumping, cross country, long distance (6th 160km***  Summer Solstice 1996, 2nd marathon 2000, 3rd marathon 2002, won veteran marathon 2008, 2nd Man versus Horse, works on the land, & won French endurance ride aged 21 (2010), Grand Prix dressage (58% in Intemediare). A stallion that could go anywhere and do anything  ... And usually win! Druimghigha Oryx* (Omeya x Black Jack , Friesland, 1996- )  resident stallion, he is an advanced endurance horse, working at Prix St George dressage, works the farm, teaches and dances ( Black Beauty in 2013 performance of a multi-species ballet).

Lilka*** (Edeon x Lilofee, 1999, a pure Polish Arab filly ) was purchased @ 9months. She is working at medium dresssage, and teaches.  Won Amateur *** 160km @ Florac 2015, spleed 17.5kph). She has had  3 foals with Oberlix: Druimghigha Luxor*** ( Arab pure bred gelding, 2007, international British Endurance team), Druimghigha  Lantana* ( Arab pure bred 2009 ride & drive,  International Endurance *, and Druimghigha Lan Yu (2010 pure bred mare in foal Dislest (                    x                     ). Lilka is also in foal to Dislexic  2017 .

All the horses take part in many types of competitions & teach people, dance, worked on the land & do  long treks around Europe. They live as our companions & friends.

We put on the first multi-species ballet "Sleeping Beauty" filmed for TV "Farm Fantasia" in 1998, and a modern day  " Black Beauty"multi species ballet in 2013 ( video available).

Our equine behaviour research began in 1964. With the Druimghigha Stud, now in it’s 46th year & 6th generation, it is the longest running study on the behaviour of a group of horses that has ever been reported.  The horses are  kept in  groups either in yards or at pasture. Their health, welfare, performance, learning & personalities  have lead to many new ideas on the keeping & teaching of equines, and their minds. See Research, Publications, Education, Equitation Les Trios Becs, Druimghiga Stud Blog, and French blog.

oberlixDruimghiga Oberlix

shemal Druimghigha Shemal                              Lilka         Shatish      Shindi      Lanyu     Sherpa She

shindiDruimghiga Shindi

oryxDruimghiga Oryx

Our horses are not shod unless it is necessary for the work they do (e.g. if they become sore footed when training for competitions or to reduce slip). When shod, the ‘natural balance’ shoes are used, a method developed from studying the feet of feral horses.

Drugs are used only when it is in the interests of the individual’s welfare. It is maintained that constant use of drugsor homeopaathy to keep horses well or sound indicates inappropriate husbandry. Antibiotics are rarely needed. The horses are wormed only after faecal egg counts indicate this is necessary. Soil Association approved wormers only used. The intestinal worms are controlled by multi-species rotational grazing.

All the individuals are monitored for any evidence of ill health or distress. The conception rate is higher than for in hand breeding or Artificial Insemination. Ill health and diseases are rare (e.g. Colic has occurred 3 times in 400 horse years). Despite the long, fast distances covered for international competitive long distance riding, lameness is rare. The average life expectancy for the horses retained bred or acquired young is 26 years. The Welsh mountain pony, Aderin lived until she was 50!.

The research is financed mainly by the subjects themselves, by teaching, displays, multi-species theatre/ballet (Sleeping Beauty televised 1995, Chestnut Beauty 2000, Black Beauty 2013), workshops throughout the world (details of workshops see below) and selling young horses. The youngsters are sold at around three years old having had their secondary education (handled, lead, lunged, free schooled, backed, bitted, long reined, ridden out, elementary to medium dressage movements, 40km slow rides in difficult terrain, and out camping). Their fitness is assessed by heart recovery rates and heart monitors. No equipment other than a simple snaffle, bitless bridle or head collar, saddle, numnah and breast plate is ever used during their education or in competition unless it is obligatory  ( e.g. for higher level dressage). No drop nosebands of any type, martingales, running reins, curbs, long hackamores etc are used. The horses are cooperatively educated, not frightened or forced. Horses are only sold to approved homes, they are young healthy, versatile cooperatively educated & the new owners must stay in contact with us.  Contact the centre by email if interested.

2014 Horses for Sale

lilkaDruimghigha Lilka

Lilka pur sang Arab and winner of Endurance.  she goes to top & pic of Sherpa She comes here.


Contact us : marthekileyworthington@gmail.com



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