Short Courses

The centre runs short courses for those interested in:

Rural Skills
Dry stone walling, Cob building, Hurdle making, Organic gardening, Animal husbandry and welfare etc...

Teaching, Working and Driving equines, elephants & cattle on the farm, in the garden & forestry. Harness, implements and vehicles.

Large Mammal  Behaviour, Welfare and Teaching
Providing a life of quallity for  dogs, horses, cattle,sheep, buffalo, elephants, and how to measure this.

Cooperative Teaching & Handling
The art of education using cooperative teaching & riding, relating to and teaching large mammals safely with protected and direct contact. How to educate your dogs, cattle & sheep to be useful agricultural or working animals.  The courses are arranged for groups or individuals who pay hourly for the tuition they require. 

It is normal for participants to stay at the centre and get to know what is going on while attending all courses, although those living locally can sometimes be accommodated.

For further details email us or phone 00 33 (0)475 53 20 27.

Certificate & Diploma Courses

Animal tracton in the garden

We run 6 months certificated and 1 year diploma courses which are widely renowned worldwide in:-

Ecological Agriculture – Theory & Practice
Many universities are now running courses in the theory of alternative agriculture but the unique feature of our courses are that they combine the theory with the practice. All students need to become efficient in all the necessary practical skills, as well as learning the necessary theory. Vegetable & flower growing, farm cultivations, grassland management, animal management, milk & milk products, forestry, rural skills, farm constructions, fences etc. are all covered.

Secondary school English and the ability to read English is required, although the teaching can be in French.


Horse Behaviour, Welfare & Education – Theory & Practice
These are unique certificated  (6 months) or diploma ( 1 year) courses developed by one of the worlds leading authorities on horse behaviour welfare and education. It combines the theory with the development of serious practical proficiency. Graduates are capable of running a stable or stud, beginning the teaching of young horses, and equitation up to the equivalent of BHSAI  or higher than Gallope 7 standard. They also learn to work horses on the land, the assessment of fitness and long distance work, natural balance farriery and cover ideas produced by classical equitation and ‘Natural Horsemen’. The students learn the husbandry skills by doing as well as with reading, essays, seminars and projects.

Secondary school English and the ability to read English is required although the teaching can be in French.


Workshops & Master Classes

We also run 2-5 day workshops in horse and elephant behaviour, welfare and teaching by invitation at other locations worldwide for professionals and amateurs.

The Equine  ( and other large mammals) Mind & How to Improve Equine Husbandry & Equine Education – Theory & Practise

We are invited rather than organising our own, & can also visit people interested in other animals while there for consultancy (dogs, llamas, cattle & zoo animals). The workshops have become very popular in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, Sweden,Zimbabwe, South Africa,  US & UK. The workshops discuss:-

  1. What is it to be an Equine? How can this help us improve equine husbandry?

  2. Improving equine teaching and developing cooperative education

42 years of empirical scientific research of our own and others, tempered with critically assessed practical knowledge and experience and up to date ideas on the philosophy of mind make up this multidisciplinary modern approach. We use lecturing, discussion, demonstrations, videos, examples and practical exercises to bring this up to date information alive.

How we can in practise improve keeping, handling, teaching, riding and driving is demonstrated with master classes.

Much of the teaching is based on our research on animal educational psychology developed over 30 years, and is demonstrated by  the horses themselves, and videos including llamas, cows, African elephants, buffalo and zebra in Zimbabwe. Discussion is encouraged.

Corporate Workshops

We run courses for Corporations and Businesses to help staff relationships. We use horses, cows & elephants (in South Africa) to achieve this and learn better communication, observation and how to relate to each other.

How They Work

These workshops are very popular. The voluntary organiser advertises and organises the location. They are usually at least 2 days.

Day 1 Lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and practical

Day 2 - 4 Master classes, consultancies or lessons in any aspect of animal management.

And early Gentian ....... Wrong place for this, will find one with a workshop. This is a Gentian out in May in the farm/nature reserve.

These classes are watched and discussed by all participants.

The charge is 100,00€ per person for 2 day workshop (discounts available for the poor) with a charge of 40,00€ for an individual master class/private lesson/or consultancy. Up to 6 individual master classes/ lessons/ consultancies can be arranged per day.

The minimum is 10 participants or the price is higher. All courses in either English or French as required.

See Publications.

If you are interested in organising or attending a workshop, email us or phone 00 33 (0)475 53 20 27

Students & Work Experience

We supervise undergraduate and graduate students for university undergraduate projects, masters and doctorates in ecology, ethology, animal welfare science and agriculture. In the last 10 years we have had 8 M.Sc and 2 Ph.D  and 10 undergraduate theses that have beenn supervised and completed successfully on the farm.  (see Research).

We  also take students for work experience.( 20 to date in last 10 years).


We are one of the foundation WWOOF host farm. Here  members come to work & learn about Organic/Ecological Agriculture in exchange for board, lodging and some tuition.

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